Gillo Dorfles

Born in Trieste in 1910, Dorfles is a painter, art critic, philosopher, and historian. In 1948, he founded the “Movimento Arte Concreta” (MAC) with Monnet, Soldati and Munari. Dorfles was the theoretical cornerstone of the movement. A professor of aesthetics in Milano, Cagliari and Trieste, he has also served as a visiting professor in dozens of universities throughout the world. Dorfles has authored countless books on aesthetics, which have been translated throughout the world. These books include “Le oscillazioni del Gusto” (Fluctuating Tastes), “L’intervallo perduto” (The Lost Interval), and “Kitsch”. He has worked with the Corriere della Sera newspaper since the 1970s. He is considered one of the foremost art scholars in the world.