Research & Development

... in each of its designs, Caimi Brevetti places practical qualities at man’s service. That’s the philosophy underlying Caimi Brevetti design concept.

To design furniture units means to deal with man’s habitat, namely all those enviroments where he lives, works and moves.



Human engeenering
Aiming at man’s comfort, Caimi Brevetti tackles his requirements in a scientific way. Human engineering is a bench mark to appraise the quality standard of products meant for him.



Form and function are equally important. For Caimi Brevetti, beauty is not a value added but something inherent in the object.



Communication is the last stage of the production process. To find the best way to explain the peculiarities of the designed products visually is not a side issue for the company. Caimi Brevetti relies on its customized, visual communication to inform about the product and its philosophy.


The module is the basic cell of all Caimi Brevetti products. Modularity is basic for mass production.



Constant research in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies allows to try always new technics and to offer new materials.



When working for man and with men, safety is everything. Trials carried out inside the company, compliance with standards and declarations of conformity guarantee this important issue. The company plays an active part in the drawing up of new standards on safety.



The industrialized production process is taken into consideration from beginning to end, from the planning stage to the carryingout of each single object to optimize production and costs and increase their quality.