Philosophy & Design

Who is the invisible man ?
The end users of our products. They are invisible, because, although not physically there, their presence is hanging over the whole planning and production process. Seeing our product, they intuitively understand how it was studied and manufactured and how it is sold and advertised. Even if we don’t see them, they can pass judgement on each step of our production cycle, starting from the object they hold in their hands. That’s why we behave as if they were always there.

Beyond the product...
Beyond the product, the service: we try to understand what the customer’s requirements are, even when they lie outside the product itself, and to find a solution. The exchange of ideas and advice between us and our interlocutors is always a positive and constructive opportunity.

Easy assembling and taking down and the possibility of completing and reshaping the product over time allow to meet the customers’ needs always. At the bottom, simplicity and essentiality.

The firm believes and invests very much in the training of its staff and customers, both as regards subjects strictly concerning its business and on more wide-ranging cultural issues. Caimi Brevetti is most concerned with vocational training at schools and institutes and places its experience at the students’ disposal so as to get new hints and valuable concepts from these meetings.