“EXTREME – Searching for particles”

Milan, July 12th 2016, Science and Technology Museum Leonardo Da Vinci
It has been inaugurated the “EXTREME – Searching for particles” permanent exhibition, in collaboration with CERN and INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics).
Among the attendees the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi; Minister of Education, Stefania Giannini; Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala,; CERN General Director, Fabiola Gianotti; INFN President, Fernando Ferroni and the General Director of the Museum, Fiorenzo Galli.
The exhibition, aimed at a wider audience, explains how the research of infinitesimal particles is conducted within the research labs of CERN and INFN.
Caimi Brevetti, taking advantage of the SNOWSOUND technology of its FLAP sound-absorbing panels, has realized the “Do Not Disturb” room which resembles the disturbance-free environment (mandatory condition for this kind or research) metaphorically linked to the noise application of the panels.